Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Tips for Indoor Cycling Buffs

This fast-paced workout performed on a stationary bike is becoming quite the popular fitness trend. Cycling classes are so intense that even regular cyclers are still challenged by the workouts. Each session will leave your legs burning, your heart pumping, and your body drenched in sweat. Even a short 45-minute cycling class will burn about 350-600 calories!

Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is a completely different fitness activity from outdoor cycling. When cycling indoors, the scenery and weather stays the same and every cyclist cycles at a fixed spot. Outdoor cycling is meant for building pack-riding skills, pacing skills, and agility. Meanwhile, cycling indoors is mainly focused on building consistency, fitness, and of course, losing weight. Although these two exercises offer the same health benefits, they are very different from one another.

Tips for Indoor Cycling
  • Don’t be carried away– cycling indoors may seem easy at first, but these workouts are intense, exhilarating, and exhausting. Don’t be too carried away and don’t underestimate the workout. Being in a group may drive you to push yourself, which is a good thing, but try to stay in your fitness range. Make sure to pace yourself so that you have enough strength to finish the entire class. You will lose more weight, and develop your stamina faster if you last longer.
  • Be prepared – make sure you wear a comfortable pair of athletic shoes, clothes, and padded bike shorts. Don’t forget to bring a towel and bottle of water, too.  
  • Be committed – engaging in any fitness activity can be challenging at times. If you want to stay fit and shed off some pounds, then you need to be committed to your indoor cycling classes. Don’t give up just because your leg feels sore after your first class!
  • Rest for at least a whole day each week– If you have become a cycling buff, you need to remember to give yourself a break every now and then. This will help your body rest and prevent injuries. 
    Indoor cycling classes are offered in various fitness levels. Make sure to join classes in your fitness range so you won’t have trouble keeping up. However, if you’re in an easy class and still find that the pace is challenging, don’t get intimidated with the intensity of the group. Just take it easy and go at your own pace. You’ll be able to catch up as you develop your speed and stamina. Aside from that, you are free to adjust your pedal speed and your resistance whenever you feel you need to.     

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