Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Customers Need Value in Exchange for their Information

Today, more and more companies aim to monetize the customer information they accumulate. They do this by targeting ads and promos based on customer preferences and history, or by sharing it with commercial partners. But before all that happens, the customer must first give their data willingly. How in the world will that happen? For starters, businesses must gain the trust of their customers first by ensuring that the advantages of signing up for a service, filling a survey, or getting subscription are clear for everyone. They must willingly give their data, and they won’t do that unless they see what’s in it for them.

Over the years, having detailed customer information has proved to be very powerful for many brands. Personalizing your campaigns leads to effective rewards program. In addition, with this data, you can make improvements for an overall improved customer experience.

Exchanging Value between Your Brand and Customers

Part of the basics of modern marketing today is the way businesses and customers communicate freely and quickly. There are three main points to creating this exchange that includes:
  • The exchange of money for products and services
  • Customers sharing information in exchange for a reward, freebie, discount or exclusive access
  • The commitment and delivery of an enhanced customer experience
Making Customers See the Benefit

When you are collecting data for customer rewards, it is important that your target market see the clear benefit in providing and sharing their data with you. Of course, there are always others out there who aren’t comfortable with divulging their personal information and that is okay. Make it known as well that there is an opt-out option and providing their information isn’t a requirement. Here are some tips to your customers see the benefit:
  • Provide an incentive – this could be a free gift, discount, etc.

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