Thursday, 28 February 2013

Boost Your Workout with an Amazing Playlist

There is no question about how certain music sets certain moods in a room. A party would have disco music to get people all energized and on their feet, while church music would set the mood of silence and peace, or a kiddie party would have nursery songs to get the kids on their party mode. Music has the power to exude a certain feeling from people. Haven’t you had that experience where a song would just suddenly turn your mood around and make you feel down?

This is the exact same effect music has to a person’s workout. Yes, workout songs can make or break your gym session. The new trend today is to boost every workout with some really great music. Cycling classes and aerobics workouts are all done with music to set the people on gym mode and boost their muscles for workout. Many gym instructors can attest to the importance of having the right music during a class. The rhythm and beat you play will guide the members of a gym class to each routine—an upbeat music will send them sprinting in their treadmills, while a slower beat would keep them slowly pacing in their cycles.

Workout songs also dictate the mood inside a room. This is the reason why aerobics sessions use upbeat music to get the people all bouncy and dancing. Just the mere sound of a song can wake up your nerves and get you all pumped up. Have you ever noticed how boxers enter the arena in this loud pumping music? Well, that’s because they need to get their mind in the zone and music helps them do that.

Your music choice can make a world of difference in your workout, so before you get to your next gym session, here are a few tips you can try when choosing your workout songs.

  •  Get updated with what’s in. Listen to the radio and familiarize yourself to some of the latest music. While working around the house or driving in your car, maximize the time to listen to music.
  • Visualize your workout routine and try to see if a certain music will fit the routine. Try to see how a song makes you feel, if it gets you up on your feet and makes you feel like jogging, then this may be a good workout song.
  •  Take down the titles of the possible songs. Try to go online and download the song or purchase a CD of it.
  • Create various playlists depending on the song type, this will help you easily pick out song for a specific workout routine. Transfer your workout playlist on your MP3 or smartphone so you have it’s ready when you go to the gym.

You will be amazed at how having the right workout songs can totally boost your mood and energy. It’s not every day that you’re all excited to work out; but with some really cool music you can turn a boring gym day into an amazing gym day.  

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