Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Origin of Indoor Cycling

The first indoor cycle was designed in the 1980’s by a man named Jonathan Goldberg. The idea came to mind after he narrowly escaped an accident while biking outdoors. He then thought of simulating a bicycle that run stationary indoors. With the use of flywheel, specially designed handlebars, and adjustment points, his indoor cycle was able to perfectly simulate the momentum and inertia created by an outdoor bicycle. His repurposed bike is now used in thousands of gyms around the country.

People today are more health conscious than ever before. Men and women look after the food they eat, get regular exercise, and even take supplements to make sure they’re at their best. Exercise equipment like treadmill and indoor cycling machines have also become very popular in the market, and owning one has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Yes, whether you’re a health buff or not, a few minutes on the treadmill or stationary bike is now a part of most people’s daily routine.

Even the busiest person today takes time regularly to hit the gym for a workout. It not only helps you stay fit but also helps release stress from work and even school. Depending on what you want to achieve in your workout, gym instructors may recommend various routines that hit target areas and give the results you desire. While there are various forms or exercises, experts have proven that one of the best, safest and most useful fitness exercise is indoor cycling.

Similar to riding a bike outdoors, indoor cycling is designed to simulate the feel and benefits of actually riding a bike across town, the only difference is you stay safely indoors, protected from road accidents, bad weather and pollution. Indoor cycling is an intense cardio exercise that works to strengthen your heart and lungs, and boosts blood circulation across the body.

The innovation is so amazing that every training gym today has an indoor cycle for their clients. Below are a few more benefits you’ll get from indoor cycling.

  •  It’s great for any age group. Riding an indoor cycle can be done even by kids and the elderly. The benefits are also amazing for both groups. In addition, kids can ride for an entire hour and still be safe inside the house.
  •  Cycling has been proven to lower the risk of heart disease. This cardio exercise strengthens the heart and total blood circulation of the body.
  •  Great for burning calories. An hour of indoor cycling equals about 15 to 20 miles of bike ride. This is one of the best ways to get back in shape.
  • · Proven treatment for sleeplessness. Many people have attributed cycling for helping improve their sleep patterns.

Photo Credits: Flickr Creative Commons

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